Мужчина с Австралии ищет женщину для серьезных отношений (по всей Украине)

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Киев, по всей Украине

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Мужчина 54 года, с Австралии, разведен, 2 взрослых детей, ищет женщину с Украины для серьезных отношений. Если Вам нужны только деньги или хотите выехать заграницу - не тратьте свое время.
Он написал длинное обращение к женщинам, прочитайте его и подумайте, то ли это, что вы ищете. Будет в Украине с 15 июля по 15 августа, будет рад встретится с женщиной, которая готова к серьезным отношениям.

Обращение к женщинам (если Вам тяжело перевести, напишите или позвоните мне, я Вам скажу детали):
My desire is to find my 2nd half… a woman who can be my best friend, partner and lover. I desire is to find a woman who will open her heart, mind and soul to me, will laugh with me, enjoy adventures and travel with me. I would like her to want to spend most of her time with me in all aspects of life, but also be willing and independent enough to pursue her own dreams. I would like to see her be spontaneous, and adventurous. If she is very friendly and laughs a lot, this is even better.
You should know that I am a man with serious intentions. I will be traveling through Ukraine from July 15th till middle of August. If you are adventurous enough to meet me, why don’t we sit and have a coffee in a relaxed atmosphere, and see what happens? I am looking for that connection and chemistry.
If age difference is a concern for you, you should know that I am a mature man of 54 years, but to me the connection is more important than the age and I will not hold your youthful age and inexperience against you.
It has been shown that a mature man is a Proven commodity, Better father, more Faithful and Stable husband. I am very conscious of my health, and life style, so I do keep fit and strong and I am very young in heart, mind, body and soul.
I am VERY proud of who I am and what I have accomplished. I have not been given anything in my life, but I have had to make everything I have ever had by myself. I have never blamed anyone for my mistakes, and I take full responsibility for my actions.

General Information:

• 186cm; 90kg; Greybrown hair; Blue eyes; 54; Aries; Athletic; Healthy; Exercise daily; Non-Smoker; Social Drinker; No Bad Habits.
• Live in Spearwood, Fremantle in Western Australia, Australia
• Enjoy the water, beach, walking on the shore, holding hands and looking at sunsets,water skiing or getting away for a week or weekend
• Traveling is a big desire for me also.
• Patient, Even-Tempered and Understanding, Good Character, Morals and Family Values, intelligent and focused when I want something.

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